8 Immune-Boosting Habits: Stay Healthy

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Wellness On Campus

Find out more about health and wellness on campus.


Food Allergies & Special Diets

We take into account your personal dietary needs and will make every effort to help you find food that fits your life.

  • Reach out to meet with our dining team to discuss alternative options when the daily menu offerings do not meet your needs.

  • Learn more about our resources to support you.

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Tools to Manage Your Nutrition

Use these tools to make healthier choices while dining on campus. 

  • See what's on our online menu.

  • Find fresh and healthy ingredients in every bite. Just look for the icon on the menu to identify recipes with these attributes!
    Eat WellMade with Whole GrainsVeganVegetarianPlant ForwardCool Food Meal

  • Learn how to use the online menu meal calculator.


Feeding Your Potential

Enjoy podcasts, chef inspired recipes, blogs and more through our Feed Your Potential program.