Sustainability on Campus:

  • Campus-Wide 
    - Earth Day Festival
    - Recyclemania
    - Big Red’s Bike Program & One Group
    - Sustainability Committee Member
    - Sustainability Purchases Committee Member
    - Fair-trade Steering Committee Leader
    - Green Team Leader
    - Local Purchasing from: ATP Greenhouses, Udderly Kentucky, KY Proud Blaze Fuel and Canola Oil, and Chaney's Dairy Barn
  • Concessions
    - KY Proud Fischer Hot Dogs, Chaney's Dairy Barn, Popcorn, Blaze Fuel, and College Heights Ale
  • Catering
    - KY Proud Canola Oil and Blaze Fuel
    - Offers compostable cups/plates/utensils as an option
    - Offers China plates as an option
  • Fresh Food Company  
    - Farm to Campus 
    - Tray-less Dining
    - Local Purchasing
  • Java City 
    - Eco-Grounds Coffees are Fair-Trade or Rain Forest
    - Alliance Certified Coffees
    - Reusable Mugs
    - Recycles Plastic Milk Containers
    - All Bewley's Hot Teas are Fair Trade, Including Chai Tea
    - No Plastic Bags or Styrofoam
    - Local Products - Udderly Kentucky Milk
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels 
    - Features Tribecca Blend Coffee
    - No Plastic Bags or Styrofoam
  • Starbucks 
    - Fair Trade Yukon & Italian Roast Coffee Blends
    - Local Products - Udderly Kentucky Milk
    - All wood used in the construction is reclaimed/recycled 
  • Garrett Conference Center 
    - Fair Trade Bewley's Tea
    - Local Products - Udderly KY Milk
  • DaVinci's 
    - No Plastic Bags or Styrofoam
  • Convenience Stores 
    - Organic & Natural Foods
    - Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies
    - Divine Grand Fair-trade Chocolate
    - KY Proud Products Available - Ale 8, Chaney’s Dairy Barn (Big Red Rumble Ice Cream) and Udderly KY Milk
  • Panda Express
    - Uses compostable To-Go containers that will help divert waste from trash
  • Subway
    - Beginning Spring 2018, recyclable paper bags implemented into use at both locations on campus
  • All Locations 
    - Recycle Used Cooking Oil
    - Use Eco-Cleaning Products
    - Use Eco-Friendly Napkins
    - Recycle Cardboard
    - All eggs used are Cage Free
    - Pre- & Post-Consumer waste composted and taken to WKU Farm
  • Business & Marketing Offices 
    - Uses A Local “Green Printer” For Printing Our Promotional Materials
    - Using Recycled Paper And Soy Inks.
    - Uses Recycled Copy Paper
    - Uses "Green Seal Certified" Cleaning Products
  • Aramark Corporation 
    - Sustainable Food Practices
    - Buying Locally
    - Green Cleaning
    - Energy & Water Management Programs
    - Waste Stream Management
    - Waste Reduction
    - Responsible Procurement - Purchasing From Other Eco-conscious Businesses
    - Green Buildings - Integrating Energy Efficient And Environmentally
    - Friendly Construction In New Building Projects.
    - Transportation - In 2007 35% Of Fleet Vehicles Were Hybrid Or Flex Fuel.

We work together to continually develop and implement sustainable solutions. Through Green Thread, our environmental sustainability platform, we bring innovative and efficient solutions to life. We are passionately focused on reducing the environmental impact within our operations. Here are just a few ways we work to make our campus more environmentally conscious:

Local Purchasing


Did you know WKU Restaurant Group sources food from many local famers, growers and distributors? The list changes throughout the year depending on seasonality and availability. However, here is a sampling of a few of our partners: 

  • Udderly Kentucky, ATP Greenhouses, Chaney’s Dairy Barn, and KY Blaze Fuel


WKU Restaurant Group partners with campus to recycle cardboard and used cooking oil from all dining locations across campus.  We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint.  Look for signs in our locations for information on where to put your recyclables.

Tray-less Dining


Dining tray-less helps minimize food waste, conserves energy & water, and reduces the amount of cleaning chemicals entering the waste stream.



Take part in our reusable mug program to reduce waste and receive a discount on fountain beverages and coffee in Java City, Starbucks and Einstein Bros. Bagels dining locations.

WKU also offers reusable green containers as an option to customers that want a meal to-go at the Fresh Food Company and Redzone.

Recycled Content Paper

We use 100% recycled content office and copy paper in all marketing and dining locations on campus.

Hydration Stations

WKU Restaurant Group offers several hydration stations throughout campus.  Use the filtered water stations to refresh and refuel while helping to impact your carbon footprint.

Green Cleaning

All dining locations are committed to using eco-friendly daily green cleaning products in our operations to reduce the need for chemical based cleaning products and provide a healthy and safe learning environment.

Energy & Water Conservation

We train our employees each semester on common energy and water conservation practices in order to conserve precious natural resources.

Food Recovery


In January 2019, a partnership with WKU Food Recovery, a student-run organization and the WKU Restaurant Group, recovers leftover food that was not used in daily service. The WKU Restaurant Group is able to donate food to organizations that give to individuals facing hunger or food insecurity.

Currently, WKU Food Recovery picks up from DaVinci's, Einstein's Bagels, and Java City. Our weekly tracking of donated pounds can be seen at